Aid for Ukraine

Thanks to your generosity in 2024 Ukrainian Action in Ireland has sent to Ukraine:

* for medical evacuation
* Ecoflow, Bluetti
And much more:  batteries, thermal clothing, tactical medicine, food,  etc ... ↓

Our partners

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13 July 2024

We are so happy we can continue our activities to help Ukraine thanks to you!
This week, two more cars left for our Ukrainian partners -  the Gurtom and Wilni Ua, to cover the needs of paramedics in the frontline areas.
The money to buy pickups is raised via charity hikes and guided tours, through corporate donations, by selling Ukrainian merch and fundraising at Ukrainian Action events. Each and every contribution is  invaluable!

All these pickups are worth are days of painstaking work by our volunteers, who tirelessly work to support Ukraine.

23 June 2024

Our 12th ambulance left London for Ukraine 🇺🇦

Each ambulance is the result of the work of dozens of volunteers - from the request of partners to the creation of fundraising and media coverage, from the search for the car itself, repair works to organisation of the logistics and documents.

Often, we also buy the additional equipment for specific tasks of medical units before the ambulances finally leave for their direct purpose - to work in the most affected front-line areas of Ukraine. It is there where cars don't live long, but every run is a saved life.

15 June 2024

2 more cars were purchased at the request of our partners in Ukraine - the Gurtom and Wilni Ua, for conversion into rapid medical evacuation vehicles from places where heavy ambulances cannot reach 🚑.

These cars are four-wheel drive, and therefore able to pass where the roads are partially or completely destroyed by the constant attacks of the Russian military on civilian infrastructure. They will give hope to reach the stabilization medical centers alive where they need it the most.

Thank you to everyone who supports our volunteer work with donations at

13 June 2024

The tenth ambulance, purchased by Ukrainian Action in Ireland at the request of the Gurtom charitable foundation, has arrived to Kharkiv and is currently helping to carry out medical evacuation of the wounded near the city of Vovchansk.
Part of the funds for the purchase of this ambulance was donated by the family of Pierre Zakrzhevsky, a journalist of French-Irish origin who died in Ukraine on March 14, 2022 near Gorenka. Pierre was creating video reports for the Western media on the attempts of the Russian troops to seize the capital.
Marie-Agni Zakrzhevska, Pierre's mother, wanted to help save more people in Ukraine in memory of her son. We are grateful to her for this incredible contribution that turned into such a substantial assistance for the people of Ukraine.

31 May 2024

An important update from Ukrainian Action!

We purchased 21  Bluetti power generators for our partners in Ukraine ( Gurtom and Wilni Ua) with the money we raised though our charitable Camino hike with Maksym Bespalov, who wrote a book about his Irish travels, and our fundraiser.

These power stations are essential to hospitals, medical stabilisation points and evacuation vehicles that help civilians from orphanages and schools in the hot spots in Ukraine 🪫. This a drop in the ocean and we're trying hard to raise more money. Please support our volunteer effort and our fundraisers.

Light will win over darkness in Ukraine!

30 May 2024

Dear friends,
We are very grateful to each of you who regularly brings food and batteries, socks and powerbanks, heaters and tools, blankets and other useful things to the Ukrainian Centre at Rathmines. We send those goods to our partners in Ukraine weekly. Every can and every battery finds its hands in need in Ukraine.
We thank the PostUa transport company for the regular free transportation of this humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
Together we are doing a great thing.
Please continue to help us help Ukraine! 🇺🇦

18 May 2024

We are glad to report on another important milestone in the procurement of humanitarian aid for Ukraine. This month, we purchased three more cars that will be converted into medical evacuation vehicles for the frontline areas. Unfortunately, the cars in those regions are constantly targeted, and every such pick-up saves lives.
So we thank you for enabling us to buy those vehicles.

All purchased cars will soon be transferred to our reliable partners in Ukraine -  Gurtom and Wilni Ua.You can support our project of humanitarian aid to Ukraine clicking here

15 April 2024

Taking care of young people now means making a big contribution to building the future of Ukraine later!

Thanks to the generous corporate donation we had an opportunity to support various children's and youth teams by donating new sports T-shirts and shoe bags through our partner foundation Gurtom.

We got this aid to the schools in the city of Brovary; the city of Skvira; Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi; Svitlovodsk.

29 March 2024

We are grateful to everyone who joins our humanitarian efforts in Ukraine!
During the last 3 months, starting from Christmas, we collected funds to purhase evacuation vehicles for the most war-affected regions of Ukraine.
Thanks to our donors who contributed through Benevity, iDonate, social media, private donations and direct donations during the February 24 march, we were able to purchase and send 9 ambulances to Ukraine 🚑!
The vehicles have already been delivered to our partner organization in Ukraine, Gurtom, where they undergo maintenance and preparation before being sent to their final destination - volunteer doctors in Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and Kharkiv regions.

Front-line doctors are sincerely grateful for your support!

02 March 2024

Sincere gratitude to the National Services Day teams across the country for providing a large amount of humanitarian aid in the form of thermal clothing and stretchers for distribution among the war-affected communities.

They will also be used to provide assistance to the civilian population by the forces of the Ukrainian National Emergency Service for search and rescue operations in cities that were affected by Russian strikes.
All of the above has already been sent to our reliable partner in Ukraine, the Gurtom Foundation.

Go Raibh Mile Maith agaibh go léir 🇮🇪

23 February 2024

Dear friends,
This week Ukrainian Action in Ireland purchased three more pickup trucks to evacuate injured people from frontline areas. Now they are being prepared to be tranferred to Ukraine.
These pickups were purchased at the request of our partner organizations in Ukraine - Gurtom and Wilni Ua, that will pass those trucks over to the final recipients.
We are extremely grateful for the trust of everyone who supports our fundraisings. Thanks to you, we are able to close such important requests and save many lives 💙💛.

29 January 2024

Last week Ukrainian Action in Ireland managed to buy three pickup trucks to evacuate people from frontline areas. Two of them are already on their way to Ukraine, and the third will soon be transferred as well.
Before leaving for their main mission, the cars will be painted and equipped with everything necessary to help evacuate as many wounded as possible. These cars were purchased at the request of our partner organisation in Ukraine - Gurtom.
Join us in our efforts to help Ukraine.

24 January 2024

Dear friends,
We are grateful to everyone who supported our collection of humanitarian aid to Ukraine during these Christmas holidays. The first batch of your donations helped us purchase the tactical medicine (tourniquets, hemostatic agents, needles for pneumothorax), which has already arrived in Kyiv and will soon go to the paramedics of the front-line area in the eastern direction 🏥.
We also bought three power banks and a solar panel, which have already been sent to our partners in Ukraine - the Gurtom charity fund.

16 January 2024

Dear friends,
We are grateful to each one of you who decided to help Ukraine through us this Christmas. Thanks to you, we purchased another batch of the very needed Ecoflow power generators. Tomorrow they will be dispatched to Ukraine. Thank you for your help.

23 December 2023

We are grateful to each of you who responded to our call to collect the essentials for Ukraine. During this month, we collected about 8 boxes of canned goods, dry food, power banks, socks, heaters, thermal underwear and other things at the Ukrainian Centre Rathmines and have already handed over everything collected to our partner in Ukraine - the WilniUa fund.
We thank PostUa for the constant assistance in the transportation of humanitarian goods. Part of what was collected went to the families from the destroyed villages around Kyiv region, and the main part is gradually added to the packages that are regularly delivered to the front-line zone.