What We Do

We work to

Represent interests of the Ukrainian community in Ireland

Provide humanitarian relief to people in need in Ukraine

Develop and maintain the platform for Irish-Ukrainian partnership

Run information campaigns
Organise community-building events

Provide integration supports

Humanitarian aid

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We are working hard to fundraise and purchase life saving equipment to provide humanitarian relief to the people of Ukraine in the war affected regions.

Please check our Reports page to get the latest updates on our efforts.


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OUR research

To be the voice of Ukrainians in Ireland, we need this voice to be backed by real data. We have already conducted the largest survey of Ukrainians in Ireland and presented it to the Irish public and decision makers in the Oireachtas.

We intend to do regular surveys to keep the data relevant and our actions focused on the real need. We also have a variety of social media channels where we monitor the most pressing issues.


We organise gatherings and community-building events for Ukrainians in Ireland, including regular Ukrainian meetups #UkrainianMeetupsDublin, cleanups #UkrainianCleanupsDublin, recreational hiking for refugees #UkrainianHikingIreland.

Our group #IrishUkrainianPride took part in Dublin Pride 2022.
We also organised one of the largest Ukrainian events in Ireland #March4Peace with thousands of participants as well as regular anti-war rallies.

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Ukraine Community Centre

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With more than 82,000 Ukrainian refugees presently in Ireland (UNHCR data as of May, 2023), there is a growing need for community building and integration programmes.

We are running the Ukraine Centre in Dublin in partnership with Irish Red Cross. The centre has a number of activities and classes for the people of Ukraine, free of charge. The centre works Tuesday to Sunday.

We maintain a dedicated Telegram channel where people can view opening hours, schedule, sign up for classes, follow updates and ask related questions.


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We're proud to be the Ukrainian voice in Ireland. We voice the most pressing issues and advocate for solutions on behalf of Ukrainians in Ireland.

Ukrainian Action is part of the Ukraine Civil Society Forum (UCSF), a collaboration of 65 organisations working collectively to support the emergency response, settlement and welcome of refugees from Ukraine to Ireland.

We continuously engage with decision makers in Ireland and work with the Irish government to improve the supports for Ukrainian refugees in Ireland.

Ukrainian Action in Ireland was awarded the prestigious Jim Larkin Thirst for Justice Award for our work with Ukrainians who found protection from war in Ireland.


There are over 8.2 million of refugees from Ukraine recorded across Europe, more than 102 thousand of them landed in Ireland (UNHCR data as of Dec, 2023).. These people need information on how to navigate the new environment and continue living their lives.

There are plenty of information sources these days, but not all of them are comprehensive and regularly maintained. Our website IAMUKRAINIAN.IE has key information for Ukrainians who fled war and found shelter in Ireland.

This information is categorised and is regularly updated. It proved to be a trusted information source used by Ukrainians in Ireland (as per our survey of Ukrainians in Ireland).

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